How to Sneak Alcohol On a Cruise Effortlessly!

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January 17, 2017

How to Sneak Alcohol On a Cruise Effortlessly!

Have you ever been on a cruise and ran out of cash to buy booze? Or do you have a cruise coming up and you fear for high costs on-board? Do you want to know how to sneak alcohol on a cruise?

We all know how expensive drinks can be on a cruise ranging from two hundred to eight hundred dollars. A bottle of any drink is just too expensive. Having to pay for the cruise and then having to have a budget for drinks is ridiculous.  These cruise getaways will leave you broke if you are not careful.

You see, all of the major cruise lines make their real money on alcohol sales. They know that they can get away with sky-high prices because us passengers have no other option. I take cruises quite often and I was absolutely tired of this and decided to find a way to beat them at their own game and to help you save tons of money in the process. So…I did what everyone else does, I Googled. I went through tons of suggestions and after all of the frustration and misguidance, I found what works perfectly; Sneaking Booze Flasks. These do cost a nominal fee, but it is not even close to what you will end up paying for alcohol on a cruise.

The internet as always offers us ideas on how to do anything and when you look up the best way to sneak alcohol on a cruise you will get a thousand suggestions. The most common ways are with the use of mouthwash bottles, shampoo bottles, water bottles or even the sunscreen flask. This in itself is quite hectic as it involves a lot of work from the repeated washing of the bottles to ensure that it is clean to packing the bottles in your luggage and hoping that it does not raise any suspicion.

Majority cruise ship crews have known the tricks and will definitely pay keen attention to certain products when they are carried. The other disadvantage of these methods is your booze may be left with the taste or smell of the product that was in the bottle so unless you like you booze minty or with the smell of shampoo it is not an advisable method. The use of the water bottles can be a failure if the cruise staff shake the bottle and are able to identify the booze by the bubbles being produced. One thing that may happen is that the drink may pour in your luggage leading you to a major embarrassment.

Don’t Get Caught Doing it The Wrong Way

One safe and convenient way to carry your booze is with the use of Sneaking Booze Flasks, these are plastic flasks and funnels sold by SneakingBooze. These flasks are very affordable and they will surely not let you down. The flasks may cost you from as little as eight dollars for a single medium kit to even thirty-three dollars for an ultimate cruise kit.

The flasks are heavy duty, easy to use, reusable and collapsible. They also give a person the opportunity to decide on how much alcohol that they would like to carry as the flasks come in various sizes. Once you buy these pouches they can be used for other occasions such as hiking, golfing, concerts and stadium events. The best part of all is the ability of the flask to go undetected through an X-ray. You can purchase these Booze flasks here and since they come with a funnel it is quite easy to fill them.
The instructions for using these bottles are simple and if done correctly one can carry as much booze as they wish.

Here’s How to Sneak Booze on a Cruise Step by Step

  1. The first thing to remember is that they should not be on your carry on since this is the most likely place a cruise boarding staff will be keen on checking.
  2. The other thing to note is that the flasks should be placed in your luggage at the bottom of the bag or in between the clothes.
  3. On the night before traveling, you can fill up the flasks to be carried, place them in the fridge and on the morning of the cruise be sure to place it in the luggage that will be inspected with the x-ray (checked bag)
  4. Once you are on the cruise it is advisable to remove the flasks and store them elsewhere.
  5. You can then enjoy your drink!

For anyone under the age of twenty one getting a drink is close to impossible unless with some cruise lines that allow anyone between eighteen to twenty-one to get a drink with the supervision of a guardian or parent. Well, this calls for use of other techniques to get yourself booze since you will not be able to buy yourself one on that ship. The Sneaking Booze Flasks are the best solution to this as they allow you to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship undetected by both your guardians or the boarding crew. This will come in handy to ensure that you have fun during your vacation.
These flasks are the way to go when sneaking booze on a cruise since they are safe and easy to use.
They are also the only flasks that can go undetected by x-rays and will go a long way in saving you a lot of cash when on a cruise! Now you know how to sneak alcohol on a cruise get them today! Try them out and you will not regret it!

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