How To Sneak Alcohol On a Cruise
November 12, 2023

How To Sneak Alcohol Into A Concert?

Have you ever tried to sneak alcohol into a concert?

How many times you went inside with a hidden booze, only to be found by a bouncer and thrown out of the concert. Not matter how many times you try, the security guys seem to have a special detector which goes on every time you bring your homemade special.

The options out there are very limited, you either buy drinks in the event or risk the chances of getting caught by hiding a mini-bottle somewhere inside your pockets. Once you get caught that’s it, the concert is over. Waiting few months to have the same chance of seeing you much-loved band is not an option.

You can’t bring together the idea of ruining the concert of your life, at the same time, not having a drink to fully enjoy the experience kind of sucks. This is a classic, lots of folks out there enjoying a drink, while you’re struggling to cut down the drinks because you simply can’t afford another one.

You wonder why drinks have to be so overpriced. Sometimes the alternative is to stick to your beer for as long as you can. Have you ever been in a concert with a beer in hand until the last hours of the event? All right many times you almost forget something is holding in your hands, or your hands are holding something.

Paying for those fancy drinks twice the real price is kind of a luxury. Remember the last time you went on a date without drinking pretending to be sick. Not real fun, especially if you’re trying to impress your sweetheart. Who wants to go out with a guy who is sober than your parents?

Thinking about all the ways to sneak alcohol can be off-putting. When was the last time you hid a jar inside your pocket pretending it was prescribed antibiotic? A small jar will do for the night you innocently thought. The purple syrup your mother used to give you in your early days, now was a tasted fruity vodka. For some reason it didn’t work out, no one goes into a recital high on meds right?

Other options were to uncover the alcohol in antiperspirant bottles and explain the door guys you must have them with you at all times, not for your dignity but for the rest of your friends who came with you. This option didn’t work either as soon as you were drinking the “antiperspirant” people started to notice something was wrong.

To be honest sneaking alcohol can be hard at times, all the magic tricks in the world are not guaranteed they will work in real life. The thing is going to a concert is a bit special, the planning, the expectations, the tickets, everything you been waiting for, is there, you don’t want to ruin that special moment with a self-imposed dry law. What’s more, having fun is about drinking a beer while you listen to your favorite band.

Now you have to think not more, there is an option. The booze zeal cup makes a water bottle looks like a new one. This amazing product will save lots of head shakes when getting ready for your next gig. So practical no one will ever imagine that bottle was opened. This is so amazing. Cheaper than all those drinks at the bar.

If you don’t want to break your bank account definitely this cap is the best solution. All you have to do is get Aquafina 20 oz bottle emptied and filled with the drink of your choice.

Here is the thing the bottle cap seals like a new bottle, nobody is going to suspect that there is alcohol inside. It also works with other bottles sizes, preferably 1lt. Make sure you try the bottles before you go, shake them a bit. A great advantage is that you don’t have to queue to buy drinks, how many precious moments have been wasted queuing for a drink. This is going to save you plenty of time and money.

The caps fit really well with most bottles, plus are highly practical. This is not doubted the best way to sneak alcohol into any event. Guarantee won’t let you down. Water bottles are a great fit for those tricky situations where nothing is allowed inside. Not to mention those posh cruises, where even bringing a soft drink will make look like offbeat. The odds can be presented in any form and shape, some places have the strictest rules. This is the way it goes, but luckily there are ways around, you don’t have to suffer.

This is ideal not only for concerts but for any kind of events. Festivals, bars, cruises or anywhere that doesn’t allow to bring your own drinks. Besides, every package comes with 6 seal-caps, you can share with your friends, or keep the rest for your next concert or festival.

Concerts to enjoy

Now you have plenty of concerts to enjoy. Having something to drink without going bankrupt makes the gig much more fun. Plus you can get them anytime. Reseal caps are sold every day and you can get them here!

Prices are so accessible, delivery is very fast if you have any doubt all you need to do is going to the website for more information. The instructions are clear, no-brainer cap. This will save you a bunch of bucks.

Thousands of festival goers are buying the sealer cap every year. This is insanely useful, not to mention the hundreds of drinks you’ll be enjoying without no one even noticing it.

Stay calm, don’t panic about the alcohol prices your next event is going to be all about having a great time, rather than panicking for not being able to fully enjoy the show. Right now there are tons of festival to go, go on, focus on that instead of worrying about the next bill.

Who wants to have to limit their entertainment because the costs are just too high? This wonderful product makes the whole festival experience more pleasant.

Check on SneakingBooze website and online store they offer always free and fast shipping, Do you live outside of the U.S? no worries, they also ship to different countries, payments options are also available. In addition, reduced price for special orders is perfect for a group of friends planning the next adventure.

This has your event covered, now you can relax, the next concert will be easier than you think!

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